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Episode 4 – Dustin Thomason | Winning With Money

Guests in this episode:

Dustin Thomason, better known to his hundreds of thousands of followers as Logical Finance, is a money coach and financial education advocate. Dustin’s financial background mixed with an entertaining personality helped him gather 400k + fans on social media, who follow his channels to learn about and win with money. He is the author of Winning With Money, a collection of his go-to tactics for successful money management, so that we can all WIN with our money, and reach our lifelong dreams.


00:00 – Intro
01:17 – Dustin’s Origin Story
04:05 – Modern Access to Financial Education – Is It Enough?
04:58 – The Birth of Logical Finance
06:30 – Educating vs. Entertaining to Reach the Masses
08:00 – Social Financial Influencers are Key to Financial Public Health
11:09 – How Do We Get Better at Handling Money?
13:07 – Financial Content on TikTok – What About Quality?
18:09 – Should There be a Financial Education Association?
22:55 – Setting Goals to Succeed and Automating as Much as Possible
24:35 – How to Build a Budget and Start Building Wealth
27:59 – What is Compounding Interest and Why Does It Matter?
30:32 – Should We Compare Our Financial Health to Others
32:28 – More Earnings Does Not Mean More Wealth
36:53 – Getting Started With Investing, Crypto, NFTs and Sneak Peak at Dustin’s Portfolio Allocation Preferences
42:05 – Dustin’s Personal Finance Book of Choice: Winning With Money

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