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Episode 1 – Ron Shevlin | FinTech, Banking Industry and Financial Marketing

Guests in this episode:

Ron Shevlin talks about FinTech and banking industry trends, what financial brands are doing right and wrong, as well as AI, crypto, marketing, TikTok, financial services tailored to LGBTQ, and much more. Ron is a global influencer for FinTech and financial services industry, director of FinTech research at Cornerstone Advisors, published author and weekly contributor to Forbes magazine, where he runs their popular segment, FinTech SnarkTank.


00:00 – Intro

01:06 – How Ron Got Into FinTech

05:27 – Top Trends in the Financial Industry and Banking

09:30 – Digital Transformation for Financial Brands

12:25 – Nailing “Digital Engagement” with Customers

23:45 – Generational Shift in Mindset

29:50 – Marketing Financial Products & Services

39:50 – Niche Market Financial Services

42:50 – Financial Brands Using Aggregators & Publishers

50:10 – Financial Literacy vs Financial Performance

01:01:30 – Role of AI in Financial Services

01:05:40 – Lessons from Robinhood and Gamestop

01:14:00 – Trend Alert: Disruption of the Value Chain

01:19:30 – Views on Blockchain and Crypto

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