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Episode 6 – Cindy Couyoumjian | The Importance of Financial Literacy

Guests in this episode:

Cindy Couyoumjian is a certified financial planner, author and founder of Cinergy Financial. Cindy helps people understand the ever changing economic landscape and encourages people to expand their financial literacy and reach their financial goals.

We had the pleasure of interviewing her for the Smarter Money Show, where she talks about financial literacy, tips for investors, the importance of financial literacy for women and why parents should talk about finances with their children.


00:00 – Intro

01:30 – Why Is Cindy Passionate About Financial Literacy

02:11 – The Educational System as Reason For Bad Financial Literacy Rate

04:55 – Power of Educating Yourself

06:53 – Top Questions a Starting Our Investor Should Ask

09:09 – Macro Forces That Define Financial Wellbeing

09:59 – ETFs in Crypto

12:08 – Dunning Kruger Effect – False Sense of Knowledge

13:45 – The Hidden Forces

19:18 – Approachable Investing for Beginners

20:27 – Innovative Asset Classes

23:01 – The Importance of Women Taking Charge of Their Financial Wellbeing

26:43 – Cindy’s Story & Experience

34:16 – Advice For Parents

35:52 – At What Age Should You Have Financial Conversations With Kids

39:44 – Impact of Natural Disasters, Political Changes, etc. on people’s portfolios

42:22 – Taking The Time to Educate

43:46 – Learn More About Cindy

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