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Roshni Wijayasinha

Role / Occupation

Founder at Prosh Marketing, Marketing Superstar


Prosh Marketing


Roshni Wijayasinha is an experienced marketer and entrepreneur out of Toronto, Canada. She was recognized as a top 30 under 30 marketer by the Marketing Magazine and helped grow countless businesses with innovative marketing methods, and driven leadership. She is a public speaker and talented artists, whose creative spirit shines through in all areas of her life.

Roshni joined Smarter Money Show to talk about her entrepreneurial journey and the beauty of art in marketing. Along her career path she has worked with many small business owners, entrepreneurs as well as global brands with big time marketing campaigns. Roshni’s talent and expertise has landed her into the inner circles of Canada’s most respected marketing and business professionals. Today she runs her boutique marketing agency called Prosh Marketing.


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