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Episode 13 – Chris Carder | New Generation of Entrepreneurs

Guests in this episode:

Chris Carder is a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years experience in the Digital/Technology Sector. He serves as the Executive Director of the Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Co-Director of Entrepreneurial Studies.

In this episode, he shares his expertise on entrepreneurship and shares his thoughts on whether entrepreneurship can be taught, how entrepreneurship has changed over the years and what qualities successful entrepreneurs possess.


00:00 – Intro

01:21 – What Sparked Chris’ Entrepreneurial Journey?

02:43 – Entrepreneurship Then & Now 04:25 – Can Entrepreneurship Be Taught?

09:02 – What Inspired Chris?

12:26 – Learning Entrepreneurship Outside Of School

17:56 – Learning From Students 23:37 – A Computer Screen Doesn’t Hold You Accountable

27:18 – Mass Adoption Of Tech Due To Pandemic

31:44 – The Race For Venture Capital 37:14 – Great Ideas And Obstacles

40:58 – Qualities and Pitfalls of Entrepreneurs

45:10 – Schulich University in Metaverse

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