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Episode 12 – Matt Colangelo | The Wealthy Marketer Lifestyle

Guests in this episode:

Matt Colangelo, The Wealthy Marketer, has 20 years of experience in Sales & Marketing serving both Corporate America and Canada’s Small Businesses. Matt is on a mission to help more business owners grow and prosper through a “complete online presence”. In this episode, he shares more about his lifestyle, the importance of investing, his favorite books and more.


0:00 – Intro

1:27 – Who Is The Wealthy Marketer?

5:09 – Can The “Wealthy” Part Be Applied To Careers Other Than Marketing?

8:32 – Freedom Over Time & Space

9:40 – Wealthy Marketer Lifestyle/ Typical Day to Day

14:08 – Helping Others Avoid Mistakes

16:58 – What To Expect When Enrolling For The Wealthy Marketer Course

24:06 – Matt’s Top Book Recommendations

30:32 – Key Trends in Marketing 35:01 – Is Long Form Content The Future?

42:27 – The Importance of Investing

47:29 – Bitcoin Changing Lives 49:42 – What’s Wrong With The Real Estate Market

52:30 – Is The Current Real Estate Market Different From Past Turbulences?

55:35 – A Case For Renting

1:00:00 – The Godfather Of The Millennial Generation

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