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Be a Guest on the Smarter Money Show

Would you like to be on the Smarter Money Show?

Great! We would LOVE to make it happen. On this page you’ll find all the details you need about the show, our guests, audiences and how to apply to get on the show.

Who are our typical guests?

Our guests are thought leaders, financial professionals, money coaches, entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, educators, CEOs, money experts, financial influencers, industry leaders. We look to speak with people with interesting stories and practical lessons to share with our audience.

Check out some of our past guests here

Who is our audience?

The Smarter Money Show is for people from all walks of life and serves both the B2C and B2B market segments, in relation to financial topics.

The show is for:

  • Financial freedom seekers
  • Entrepreneurs and startups
  • Parents and students
  • Executives and CEOs
  • FinTech and financial Industry professionals
  • New and experienced Investors
  • Dream chasers and go getters
  • People who want to WIN with money in life and in business

Check out the different topics we talk about on the show

Watch our trailer below for a small sample of what the Smarter Money Show is all about 🙂

How does it work?

Episodes are recorded as Zoom-style interviews. Our video team then edits the footage producing a full episode, accompanied by shorter clips for native distribution across various social media channels. Content is distributed across:

  • Smarter Money Show website and email database
  • YouTube
  • Facebook and Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok
  • Twitter
  • Influencer network
  • Organic and paid media campaigns

Since we cover a wide range of topics, all content is distributed to appropriate audiences for that content.

Is there a fee required to be on the show?

No, there are no fees are collected to be a guest on the Smarter Money Show.

Can I promote my products and services?

All content for the purposes of the Smarter Money Show is educational, value-driving, informative and entertaining in nature. Our episodes do not feature explicit advertisements or promotions of products. However as the guest, you and any business/project you are involved in, will gain tremendous reach and exposure within your target audience segment.

If you are interested in advertising and sponsorship opportunities, please email us at smartermoneyshow@gmail.com and we will reach out to you to discuss.


Please complete this quick form and tell us about who you are, business or mission, your story and why you would make for a good guest for our audience.